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COME held the analysis conference of first quarter economical operation

发布时间: 2013-04-26    浏览次数:5562


In order to get a clear understanding of the current macro-economic situation, figure out the shortages during the process of economical operation, and seek appropriate countermeasures, on 24 April 2013, Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. convened the Analysis Conference of First Quarter Economical Operation at Report Hall, 2/F of Jidian Building. The management of CQME, chiefs of all departments, leading officials of 16 key subsidiaries, approximately 60 people attended the conference.

The 16 key subsidiaries, which cover 5 major business segments, reported the enterprise situation from 4 aspects: the performance of fulfilled economic norms in the First Quarter; the characteristics of the process of economical operation; existed problems and difficulties; the business objectives and priorities of the Second Quarter. And then, the Business Management Dept. notified the performance of fulfilled economic norms of CQME in the First Quarter and the arrangement of business priorities in the Second Quarter. Yang Quan, the vice general manager communicated with the subsidiaries on related issues.

After hearing the reports, Wang Jiyu, the non-executive director of CQME and vice president of CQME Group, fully affirmed the performance of economical operation of CQME in the First Quarter, and analysed the macro-economic situation detailedly combined with the performance of fulfilled economic norms of the nation, Chongqing City and CQME Group Co.,Ltd Mr. Wang also made 3 demands on the next job: firm in confidence, take measures, and guarantee growth; go to all lengths, broaden the market, and increase orders; intensify the management by all means, reduce the cost, and increase the benefit.

At last, Yu Gang, the executive director and GM of CQME, made an important speech: all the subsidiaries should get a clear understanding of the current macro-economic situation, be mindful of potential danger, and be careful to avoid being unrealistically optimistic; facing the current difficulties, the company carry out operational and management work to increase revenue must adhere to the principle of economic benefit-oriented; the next job of CQME should focus on 9 aspects, including cost reduction, market share occupancy, adjustment of the structure of the manufactured products, investment project evaluation and management, etc.


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